About Us

About us

Edu Prime Provides Comprehensive Educational Solutions With A Mission To Close The Academic Achievement Gap

Technology continues to disrupt education. While classrooms are morphing into maker spaces filled with fascinating electronic gadgets, teachers are spending more time in the middle of the action. In this brave new world there is fundamental change in pedagogy, the function of education is changing and stakeholders in this change are definitely going to find it hard to adopt.

In the recognition of this new norm ; Retired Educators, Principals, Therapists have partnered with young influencers in IT, Data, Physical and Life Sciences and have steadfastly identified key strategies in understanding the misnomer informed with key relevant data have come with key areas of attention in which we offer services in.

Edu Prime is a minority Owned Business


Our vision is to develop a well rounded confident and responsible individual who aspires to achieve their full potential.


Equity In Education For All Of Our Students