How Tutoring Leverages The Process Of Learning

Often parents enlist for private tutoring practices when they suspect that their children might be struggling with school work. Tutors often provide academic assistance and mentoring to students in many ways. Is there a direct benefit that a student can benefit from Tutors?

Shining grades :

As classroom sizes increase teachers are often faced with the challenge of giving each and every individual student attention. Often the grades reflected at homework and test grades are a key indicator of a child’s level of proficiency.

A tutor besides mitigating the failing grades, a tutor is also at a good position to develop strategies that use the student strengths reducing stress levels. Some students might indeed have learning disabilities, a tutor can focus on strategies that will assist the student excel.


Students need consistent and focused challenges to motivate them. So even gifted students can benefit from tutoring services. Tutors can offer a challenge not available to the student in a school setting. e.g. The challenge of learning a new language like Swahili, or learn a new instrument like a guitar. This could provide the stimulus that the child needs.

Help with Homework

Many students prefer to practice their newly learned skill as independently as possible, hence the need of homework. Most students feel comfortable working with a tutor on assignments because often at time the tutor has adequate content knowledge to act as a referee and guide the student without judgement or emotional baggage.